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TG caption: Allegra's fate by p-l-richards
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Crisis, what crisis? A politically incorrect cap by p-l-richards
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Running High
Running High
Author's Notes: Special thanks to spudz and Felnaari for the ideas and the proof reading
Lisa was practicing hard. The change in training from the 100m race to the 800m was quite a challenge, but she really had no need to worry, the only thing she needed to develop was endurance. But not many members of the athletic team were happy about Lisa "The 100m Star" trying to fill the expectations for an event that she could manage.
One day Lisa was training hard for the state eliminatory event. She was sure she could qualify. Suddenly Lisa's attention was drawn by the sound of clapping hands, in a very slow and sarcastic way.
- Well… well… well, what we have here? Isn't she Lisa, the 'The 100m Star'? Didn't they tell you the 800m track was larger?
- Shut up Randy! - Lisa demanded angrily. Of all of the students, Randy was the worst narcissist and sarcastic boy in the school. He was part of the male athletic team in the 800m race. He used to have the attent
:iconalfonsomarin:alfonsomarin 14 4
School Spirit
School Spirit
By Alfonso Marin
Jessica couldn’t help but feeling a bit nostalgic when passed in front of the old building that used to be her Junior High School.
“Is everything Okay Jess?” - Lori asked while she pulled her long and blonde hair of her face.
“I think she remembers the old times” giggled Sandra with a playfully attitude “This used to be our school!”
“Oh! I didn’t know that! This was my school too” Lori said surprised and overwhelmed by the nostalgic feeling of Jessica, she took a moment to contemplate the old building soon to be condemned.
Suddenly a deviant idea crossed Sandra’s brain... “Hey why don’t we take a walk for the school while it’s still here?”
“I don’t know Sandra, I think that’s Trespassing.” Exclaimed Jessica bit worried, but inside she was dying to do it.
“Let’s go Jess; the gate is not even secured.” Said Lori
And so with these words the three wom
:iconalfonsomarin:alfonsomarin 27 1
Princess Forever Part 2
Part 2: The Castle
Vanity was there, listening to the music, and watching others dance. She usually would go out to the dance floor and become the main attraction. But she simply didn’t feel like it tonight.
She walked around the halls, thinking a little, depressed about herself, her life.
How did I make my life such a mess? She entered in a big room that hadn't been opened before.
It’s strange, she thought to herself, I could have sworn they closed this room a long time ago.
In the center of the room stood a table with big scaled castle model.
She observed it with curiosity, noticing the incredible painstaking detail with which it is crafted. How all the rooms in the castle were heavily decorated with furniture and paint, all perfectly to scale and lifelike.
Vanity sighed for a moment.
"I wish I could be young again, to feel like a fairy tale princess, to be adored and pampered forever. Instead of having to work in a clothes store."
As she said that the castle started
:iconalfonsomarin:alfonsomarin 19 0
Princess Forever Part 1
Part 1: The Tiara
Jody and Ellen were Vanity’s best friends from way back when. They used to hang out in the mall all the time, but this time was different. They were searching for their prom dresses.
"What wrong Vanity? You usually love to go shopping," Asked Jody looking at Vanity’s long face.
"Oh! It’s nothing it’s just…" She tried to hide her expression, but it was too obvious that she was down.
"Don’t tell me they denied you the scholarship!" Exclaimed Ellen, a little surprised.
"I’m afraid so." Her expression became completely morose and disappointed. "That means I can’t afford to pay for school this year."
"Oh my god!" Exclaimed Jody, completely surprised, and she had the right to be. Vanity was one of the best students in the college, and she was organized enough to participate in every party or event that she wanted too.
"And what are you going to do now?" Asked Ellen, worried.
"I've been searching for a job lately, fortunately I
:iconalfonsomarin:alfonsomarin 22 0
Commission 61- chiefjudge by dracaena-akira Commission 61- chiefjudge :icondracaena-akira:dracaena-akira 19 5 Perfect Crime (part two) by KoolKaren
Mature content
Perfect Crime (part two) :iconkoolkaren:KoolKaren 110 19


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